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Whether you want property photography as a Residential or Commercial Real Estate Agency, Architect, Developer, Private Vendor, Interior Decorator, Provider of short-term accommodation, Hotel or Bed & Breakfasts, the Proper Photography will proudly provide you with a professional service, high-quality images, and outstanding quick turnaround at reasonable rates. Let us get you a property photography you are after.

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At Proper Photography, we offer Twilight Photo Shoots (the most popular), Daylight Photo Shoots and also Dawn Photo Shoots. Dawn and Twilight Photo Shoots are the best times to take the property photography due to soft light. There are no worries about shadow and highlight detail as all tones blend into a harmonious exposure of evenly-lit subjects. We don’t have such a quality of light at any other time of a day. Dawn Photo Shoots becoming very popular for so if you’re not afraid to set your alarm clock for early morning, ask for it. Property Photography by Professional Photographer is an absolute wise investment which will pay off for sure! Get in touch with us for more info.

Property Photography
Property Photography

Commercial Space Photography


Whether your photography requests are for a small Cafe, Hospital, Bar, Hotel, Retail, Mining Site or any other space, your project deserves great shots to use on your website or any other form of promotion of your business to be even more successful than you are now. Proper Photography will make sure to satisfy your needs to full and a bit more. Head to Contact page and ask for a quote.

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